Handicap Car Equipment – Steering Wheel Attachments, Pedal Attachments and Driving Accessories

This page covers the handicap car equipment manufacturers, the two main types of hand controls, steering wheel aids, pedal attachments and finally useful driving accessories.  If you want to know everything about the various disabled equipment required for driving then you’re lucky you found this page.


The Best Handicap Car Equipment Manufacturers (Permanent Installations)


Menox – Menox is the manufacturer of the advanced Carospeed Menox hand control which is one of the best (and most expensive) handicap hand controls available.  Menox also manufacturers a wide array of steering knobs which allow customization.

GuidoSimplex – GuidoSimplex manufacturers the widest array of hand controls out of every single brand.  GuidoSimplex also feature the most intuitive and varied products including hydraulic brakes, electronic accelerator rings and much more.  They also product secondary function controls but their main attraction lies in the dozens upon dozens of different GuidoSimplex driving controls

MPS Monarch – MPS Monarch produces a simple but sturdy range of affordable hand controls which just get the job done.  Monarch’s hand controls aren’t the best but their widespread availability and low prices makes them an attractive option.  MPS does feature an extensive range of steering wheel attachments however.

Mobility Products and Design – Otherwise known as MPD, Mobility Products and Design lies somewhere in the middle of all of its competitors.  It produces cheap hand controls which are cost effective but also manufacturers more advanced designs.  It has a similarly large steering aid collection as its competitor MPS Monarch however its pedal range and especially pedal guards are unmatched in availability, choice and customization options.

DADC – In 1982, Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC) developed the patented vacuum-assisted, twist throttle hand control for precise, fingertip control and reduced discomfort and fatigue. Since then, DADC has expanded their offering based on the preference of disabled drivers worldwide. Today, DADC offers the vacuum-assisted Twist, the vacuum-assisted Push Pull, the manual Push Pull, the manual Push Rock and the manual Brake Only.

Sure Grip – Sure Grip (sometimes referred to as Sure grip HVL) is perhaps one of the most widely recognized manufacturers of hand controls and driving equipment currently on the market.  Out of all the other hand controls brands Sure Grip features in more mobility dealerships than any others and for good reasons.  They have a decent range of driving equipment at reasonable prices which fulfill the needs of your average disabled driver whilst also having specialized equipment to suit the needs of many more drivers.


Handicap and Vehicle Car Equipment

Handicap Hand Controls


Portable Hand Controls – These removable hand controls are cheap, available online for delivery and do a good job.  They’re much more convenient in every way than permanently installed hand controls, and their quick release function allows most portable hand controls to be removed and installed in just 5 minutes.  Perfect for sharing a car between able bodied and disabled drivers.

Portable Hand Controls

Permanent Hand Controls – These permanently installed hand controls require a disabled car dealership to be installed which can be a hassle, but they certainly have their advantages.  For people with severe disabilities these hand controls are a clear winner because the assisted mobility technology such as electronically powered driving controls reduce the physical effort required for driving considerably.  Their only downside is their lack of convenience and high prices.

Steering Wheel Attachments – Aids for Turning the Steering Wheel


Steering Wheel Aids – There are a number of reasons you might need a steering wheel attachment to make turning the steering wheel easier.  Perhaps you have rheumatoid arthritis in one hand and need an aid for your grip.  Perhaps one of your hands is operating hand controls.  Who knows.  What I do know is that there are numerous steering wheel devices which target disabilities, diseases and issues with turning the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel Attachments

Disabled Pedal Equipment – Guards, Extenders and Left Foot Gas Pedal Transfers


Pedal Attachments, Accessories and Aids – There are three main types of pedal attachments.  Firstly there are pedal guards which are usually used in conjunction with hand controls to allow for safe and interference free driving.  Secondly there are left foot gas pedals (permanent and portable) versions which are useful for people who are disabled on one side of the body (usually by strokes) or just disabled in one leg.  Finally there are pedal extenders which are useful for a variety of obvious reasons and not just for ‘little people’.

GuidoSimplex Pedal Extension Kit

Cheap Handicap Driving Equipment – Budget Driving Accessories


Handicap Driving Equipment – Almost all of the equipment I’ve listed above this are either a necessity or highly recommend.  However there’s a lot of important handicapped driving equipment which isn’t required but simply makes driving much easier.  I’m talking about leg lifters, reach extenders, swivel chairs and the like.  I would suggest taking a few minutes to scan my list of handicap driving equipment because you might find something to aid your driving experience.

Standers CarCaddie

Complete Guide to Disabled Driving Equipment


If you’ve read this far then congratulations you’ve just finished reading the most complete and definitive list of  equipment you’ll need for your car, van or truck on the internet!

I’ve done my best to list everything you’ll need and everything you’ll probably want as well.  I’ve also decided to post links to Amazon because they tend to have the best prices and a reasonably good customer service.

I’ve gone out of my way to find the best products at the cheapest prices possible.  In some cases they won’t be the absolute cheapest but the quality will be worth a few extra dollars.  I may add or remove pieces of equipment in the future depending on people’s Amazon reviews and whether I think there are more important devices which need mentioning.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below.  I’ve gone through a lot of time and effort to find the best ‘compromise’ devices – which find a good middle ground between price, functionality and quality – and I think that being able to have your driving equipment delivered to your house is incredibly useful too.

Thanks a lot for reading.



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    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Alberto, I am sorry to say but portable hand controls almost certainly do not ship to central Africa. They ship to some countries outside of the United States but the reality is you’ll need to find a local disabled car shop (if such exists).

      I am sorry I could not be more helpful and wish you the best of luck in the future.

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    Which is better, Tha Portable hand Controals,or Perminate,and how much do the Portable ones cost.

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