A few things you should know about Car Hand Control Kits

Being disabled clearly isn’t easy, and one thing on a long list of things taken away from you is your ability to drive – but with car hand control kits this no longer needs to be the case.

Driving if you’re handicap is clearly out of the picture if you’re driving any kind of regular vehicle.  Driving practically anything means you need to be able to use your legs and feet to be able to operate the floor pedals.  Now for the vast majority of people who are in this position they’re completely ruled out from driving.

On the other hand if there was a way of driving that didn’t entail needing to use the lower half of your body, and just the upper half than clearly the vast majority of wheelchair bound people would in fact be able to drive.  Nowadays you can buy modification kits with hand controls for disabled drivers which allow them to pilot the car just by using their hands – not their legs.  These operate very simply and can be installed very easily as well.  It’s not that the floor pedals are removed and the whole car is revamped, it’s just that mechanisms are put in place which allows the pedals to be pushed down using hand systems near the steering wheel as opposed to your feet.

Independence is one massive thing which people lose when they become disabled (unless they’re born disabled).  It’s not that they need help with the big things such as going on holiday or going on long day trips.  It’s that they need help with the little minor things that were once in another life time done without thought or consideration as to how lucky they were.  Just going out to the local shops, the newsagents or the supermarket is no longer done without thought.  It’s a mission that requires planning and assistance.  But even these things are relatively minor when you consider that the majority of less able people can’t go to the toilets unassisted, or grab something of high shelves.  That really puts into perspective what hand controlled cars can do for a lot of people.  Just being able to drive somewhere, without always needing help or assistance is a massive thing.  They won’t receive anywhere near the independence they once had using car hand control kits, but even a little bit is a lot for a person with practically none to call their own.


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  1. Bhai Bakshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to purchase a hand control car kit as I have a Maruti Wagon-R and my both legs are not working. So, pls. let me know how I can get the kit and what would be the total price of the kit .

    Awaiting your early response.


    M: 0903133304

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      How much are you looking to spend? I don’t sell kits myself but I can recommend where to buy them from, if you want the best hand controls I would suggest Menox which you can find at the top of my website on navigation bar, simply highly hand controls and click ‘menox’.

      If you want hand controls that are cheaper and more widespread then I’d suggest going for MPS-Monarch which you can find in the same section.

      Menox Hand Controls cost around $2000
      MPS Hand Controls cost around $300

      You can however find cheaper hand controls than this if you want second hand ones.

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