Steering Wheel Attachments for One Handed Drivers – Disabled Steering Equipment Aids

One handed drivers will all need steering wheel attachments for their car to ensure that their one hand is able to turn the steering wheel safely.  This page will concisely go over how one handed (or one armed) drivers can steer their car in comfort, plus the steering aids for one armed/handed drivers which are [...] Read more »

Find the Best Handicap Car for Handicapped Drivers and Passengers

This page is going to go over the best types of handicap cars which are designed for both handicapped driving the transportation of handicapped people.  After concisely going through the aspects of a car which are important for disabled driving I’ll then go over why this is the case.  After reading this article you’ll be [...] Read more »

Buy Basic, Simple and Inexpensive Portable Hand Controls

With a raft of hand controls on the market costing between 600-2500 dollars each you can be forgiven for thinking that driving is for the more wealthy disabled instead of all of us regular people.  Unfortunately not all of us can afford a fancy 40,000 dollar truck with the latest electronic gizmos and gadgets and same is [...] Read more »

Aids to Help Turn the Steering Wheel

Turning the steering wheel can be incredibly difficult for a range of people who simply need help in turning the steering wheel.  Perhaps the driver has arthritis, MS or is a paraplegic using hand controls who only has one hand free for steering.  These are just a few examples of the hundreds of different situations [...] Read more »

Retrofitting Vehicles – How to Retrofit a Car with Hand Controls

Thankfully with online disabled driving kits its never been easier to retrofit your own car with hand control to allow your average disabled driver the freedom to go wherever he or she chooses.  This page will concisely go over the mobility equipment required for retrofitting vehicles (primarily hand controls and steering attachments), as well as [...] Read more »

Danger Alert! When are Hand Controls Dangerous?

As you would imagine with any retrofitted driving equipment there are occasionally problems with hand controls which can of course be incredibly dangerous.  Let’s not forget that the majority of handicapped people were injured in vehicle accidents and that hand controls, if used irresponsibly can cause serious problems.  Ultimately however, many of these fears are unfounded because [...] Read more »

Buy Cheap Handicap Steering Wheel Knobs Here (Advice and Products)

On this page you can find both specific steering wheel knobs to buy, plus advice on how they’re used with regards to disabled driving.  Buying the cheapest handicap steering knobs involves using the internet, whereas the most expensive ones which are manufactured by handicap car equipment brands are bought from disabled car dealerships. // // Handicap steering [...] Read more »

Quick Release Electronic Accelerator Ring – Acceleration Only Device

GuidoSimplex exclusively designs, manufactures and sells gas ring accelerators which are a regarded as ‘accelerator hand controls’ because they do not have any accompanying brake system.  This isn’t to say you couldn’t have a ‘brake-only hand control’ installed with your electronic accelerator ring, but only that they’re not part of the device itself.  This page [...] Read more »

Used and Secondhand Hand Controls on Ebay

If you want to buy a set of handicap hand controls you’re probably aware that even the cheapest kits will cost several hundred dollars at least.  Therefore buying secondhand hand controls on Ebay, as well as used hand controls on Ebay is a viable option – and in this page I’m going to concisely go [...] Read more »

Arthritic Rheumatoid Driving Devices – Steering Wheel Aids, Key Grips and More

If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and you want to drive your car more easily this page will go over the driving aids which allow for a driver with arthritis to drive his/her vehicle much more easily.  There are a number of steering wheel aids, key grip aids and extension aids which are all [...] Read more »