Gas Acceleration and Brake Pedal Guards

Pedal guards for the gas, brake and clutch pedals are produced by almost all the main manufacturers.  Some like MPS Monarch will be installed in your car with the hand controls as standard.  Some manufacturers will not.  All of their products are similar but slightly different and you can find out everything about the various [...] Read more »

Common Hand Control Problems, Issues and Defects

I’m going to address a few of the problems with hand controls on this page, and by problems I’m talking about serious defects and minor issues with this type of driving equipment.  There are two main areas which cause accidents and which you should be concerned by.  First is the installation of the product and [...] Read more »

Left Foot Accelerator Modification – A Left Leg Acceleration Kit

For many disabled drivers buying a kit with a left leg accelerator pedal attachment won’t be useful at all.  Most disabled drivers are paraplegics who need hand controls and pedal guards.  On the other hand if you have problems with the right side of your body, specifically you’re right leg, and you want an easier driving experience [...] Read more »

Removable Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Driving with a removable spinner knob is very common for the majority of disabled drivers using hand controls.  On this page you can find out everything you need to know about removable steering wheel spinner knobs.  This includes when they’re used, if they’re dangerous or legal, information on the removable function plus where you can [...] Read more »

Temporary Left Foot Accelerator

Left foot accelerators are a useful piece of disabled driving equipment for drivers generally suffering some sort of right sided paralysis. With better technology temporary left foot accelerators (sometimes known as ‘portable’ left foot gas pedals) have become much more common place in lieu of the typical ‘permanent’ versions which have their own advantages and disadvantages. // // What [...] Read more »

Quick Release Steering Wheel Knob

Example of MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Knob

Most handicap drivers find that a steering wheel knob is the best aid in turning the wheel – especially when used in conjunction with hand controls and you only have one hand. RoadPRO Spinner Knob Allison Corp Heavy Duty Spinner Knob Type S Spinner Knob This page is going to concisely go over everything you [...] Read more »

The Law on Spinner Knobs for Steering Wheels

Spinner knobs are dangerous.  It’s a steering wheel attachment which was banned both in the US and Britain because of the lives that were lost because of its usage.  That is… unless you’re disabled.  The law is very clear, if you’re a handicapped driver who would benefit from this kind of steering knob it’s perfectly [...] Read more »

TNT Portable Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Nowadays most disabled drivers are shifting their attention to portable hand control kits for cars such as the ‘TNT Portable Hand Control’.  I’m going to concisely discuss why this is, what’s special about the TNT set and provide you with other removable hand controls which are similar and may be better suited to you. // [...] Read more »