The Cost of Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

This article will give you access to a brief but informative insight into the various costs regarding the different hand control models.  By ‘models’ I’m talking about the various manufacturer’s and their devices (such as MPS Monarch, GuidoSimplex and so forth – you can see them at the top of the page), the different installation [...] Read more »

How Much do Hand Controls for Cars Cost

This page is going to provide a concise and accurate overview to the different costs of the different types of hand controls.  By ‘types’ I’m referring to the different manufacturer’s and their products (such as MPD, Menox etcetera), different installation types (portable and permanent) and the different technology used (manual, mechanical and so on).  If [...] Read more »

How to Install Hand Controls on a Car

There are essentially two different types of hand control installation – permanent and portable (removable at any time) and this page is going to look into the differences between these two installations and how to install portable ones yourself.  After this article you should come away with a complete knowledge with regards to the installation [...] Read more »

Car Modifcations for Paraplegic and Disabled People

Allowing for disabled people to drive a vehicle requires various modifications which are either permanent or removable (portable).  This page shall provide a brief overview of the different attachments and installations required as well as link towards relevant internal pages. // // To start with the main group of disabled people which I’ll be addressing [...] Read more »

Handicapped Steering Wheels for Disabled People

Buying a steering wheel which already arrives with handicapped modifications isn’t possible like many people think, and usually you’ll buy steering wheel attachment aids which are either permanently or temporarily installed onto your car’s wheel. // // There are lots of reasons to buy a specific attachment and many different attachments so this page is [...] Read more »

Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Hand Controls Review

One of the most popular set of portable hand controls I’ve come across is the Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Kit.  I’ll go over the good and bad points here and you can decide for yourself whether it’s for you.  Remember I don’t personally sell it myself. Firstly, after you’ve finished reading my review I recommend [...] Read more »

How Do Paraplegics Drive?

One question I get asked a lot is “can paraplegics drive?” the answer I give is yes and I immediately get asked the question “How can they drive?” // // How is it Possible for Paraplegics to Drive?   The answer in a nutshell is very simple – by utilizing disabled equipment like they will [...] Read more »

MPD Chrysler Car Key Extension

Here are a few other key extensions aimed specifically at Chrysler, Dodge and Daimler Chrysler.  Find out why they’re useful for drivers with a handicap. // // Chrysler 2008 Town & Country Key Extension for Disabled Drivers   The Chrysler 2008 Town and Country is incredibly popular among disabled drivers because of its larger size [...] Read more »

Accessories for Handicapped Driving of the Car

If you’re interested in the accessories which allow for a disabled person to drive their car then you should first see our page on disabled car equipment.  This page assumes that the equipment (usually hand controls) to allow for driving is installed, and instead looks at the additional extras which make driving either a little [...] Read more »

MPD Car Key Extension

The extension of the car key in this model (3560) is designed primarily for use by drivers with grasping difficulties (perhaps suffering from arthritis) or people with especially weak hands. // // The extension provides greater leverage and a much larger handle which makes turning the key much easier.  Instead of having to use your [...] Read more »