MPD Close Positioned Right Turn Signal Extension

This particular Right Turn Signal Extension is a little different from the other model because it doesn’t extend to the other side of the steering wheel it extends downwards close to handle of the hand control which allows two possibilities.  The model number of this MPD device is 3548D. // // The first is that [...] Read more »

MPD T-Handle Gear Shift Extension

This Gear Shift Extension is designed to be attached specifically to T-Handle models and allows for easier control over changing the gears and is designed to be used in conjunction with hand controls.  This is a MPD device and the model number is 3546. // // One group of people who will immediately benefit from [...] Read more »

MPD Emergency Brake Hand Extension Handle

The Emergency Hand Brake can be difficult for disabled drivers to operate so MPD’s Extension Handle allows for easier usage both in terms of the angle you need to operate the device as well as a reduction in required effort.  This model’s number is 3546 and it’s a Mobility Products and Design extension device. // [...] Read more »

MPD Dash Mounted Gear Shift Extension

This Gear Shift Extension is designed to be attached to a Dashboard Mounted installation and is perfect for use by disabled drivers who wish to create an easier and safer driving experience.  It’s manufactured by MPD and the model number is 3544. // // The reason why this and so many other extension devices are [...] Read more »

MPD Right Turn Signal Extension

The Right Turn Signal Extension Lever (model 3543B by Mobility Products and Design – MPD) is a simple extension which is incredibly useful for disabled drivers who are using hand controls (portable or permanent).  Find out why below. // // The reason this is so useful is because when you use hand controls you only [...] Read more »

MPD Gear Stick Extension

The Gear Stick Extension (models 3542) is manufactured by Mobility Products and Design and is generally aimed at disabled drivers to allow a gear selection mechanism to be attached to either the left or right side of the steering wheel. // // Essentially the device consists of an extension lever which is attached to the [...] Read more »

MPD Car Extension Controls

Mobility Products and Design has the largest range of extension equipment designed for cars to be used primarily by disabled drivers to make driving both possible and safe.  You can find out about the different types of device below. Find out about the different models by MPD below: MPD Steering Attachment Extension MPD Parking Brake [...] Read more »

MPD Parking Brake Extension

The model number 3541 (by MPD) is an extension of the parking brake (the pedal type) which allows operation of the brake pedal by hand instead of foot. // // The device essentially consists of a reach extender which is attached via bolts onto the pedal and allows for control of the brake via the [...] Read more »

MPD Steering Attachment Extension

This steering device extension which is manufactured by MPD (Mobility Products and Design) allows for either a 2” or 3” extension of any of MPD’s steering wheel attachments. // // Essentially this device is attached to the steering wheel to bring the steering aids closer to the disabled driver.  This is perfect for people who [...] Read more »

My Personal Experiences of having a Spine Fracture

I would say that as far as websites go this isn’t a particularly ‘personal’ one, on the other hand I do occasionally feel the need to regale you with a few of my personal experiences. // // There’s no doubt that living with a spine injury is incredibly difficult, I suffered a lower compression fracture [...] Read more »