MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Attachments

Most disabled drivers will use a steering wheel attachment to assist in the turning of the wheel using just one hand.  Hand controls require at least one hand which means that you’re limited to just one hand in which to turn the steering wheel, which can be difficult even for experienced drivers. Find out about [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Tri-Pin Spinner

When it comes to steering wheel attachments which assist the driver in turning the vehicle you’ll find that the Tri-Pin Spinner which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is one of perhaps two or three options which practically everybody chooses. // // It’s designed to allow the driver to turn the wheel with only one hand [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

The spinner knob which is designed and manufactured by MPS Monarch is an aid to assist in turning the steering wheel while using hand controls. // // Of all of the different types of additional driving equipment which handicapped drivers use you’ll find that a steering knob is a staple requirement.  Using hand controls means [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Single Post

The Single Post spinner is a steering wheel attachment which is designed to allow rapid and easy turning of the steering wheel, generally in conjunction with a steering knob.  This particular model is manufactured by MPS Monarch. // // Generally within the disabled mobility community this may be referred to as a single pin grip [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Quad Fork Spinner

The Quad Fork Spinner which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is very similar to the Palm Spinner which they also produce and on this page I’ll go over what it is, its uses and how it’s different from the Palm Spinner. // // The main reason you’d use this device is if you had a [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Palm Spinner

The Wheel Palm Spinner which is made by MPS Monarch is a device which allows for easier steering than knobs or handles for some people. // // There are a few major reasons for this which I’ll quickly look into, but one of the unique features of this is that the metal which is encased [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Counter Balance

The Counter Balance which is produced by MPS Monarch is designed to be attached to the steering wheel and is used in conjunction with another attachment. // // The point of the counter balance is to offset the weight of additional equipment and so it’s placed directly opposite to the (for example) steering knob. This [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Pedals

MPS Monarch only offers basic which are designed to be incorporated with their hand controls.  Generally the appropriate pedals are included in the price with the hand controls which you purchase and have installed.  You can find out everything on their three specific models by following the links below, or read a less detailed paragraph [...] Read more »

MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal

The Accelerator Pedal Guard is manufactured by MPS Monarch to protect the gas pedal from accidental engagement by a foot. // // This is generally used in conjunction with hand controls or a left gas pedal, and it’s designed as a safeguard.  Interference with the pedal which is being used by a hand control can [...] Read more »