Automobile Hand Controls

When you’re looking for hand controls to be used with automobiles there are several different stages which you need to be aware of to make sure you don’t encounter any problems and proceed to drive safely as a disabled person. // // Firstly it’s important to find out if your car or automobile is suitable [...] Read more »

Do I need Car Driving Equipment as a Handicapped Driver?

One of the questions which disabled drivers must ask themselves is which assistive driving equipment for their car do they need, and which is unnecessary. // // First I’ll go over that which is necessity, then what would be helpful but I wouldn’t classify as ‘required’ and then finally I’ll move onto that which is either [...] Read more »

Finding the Cheapest Car Hand Controls

If you’re interested in finding hand controls for your car at the cheapest possible price then this article is going to outline the procedure which you need to undertake. // // If you’re buying a portable set then you’re in luck because these are the cheapest at around 250-300 dollars.  What’s more is that they [...] Read more »

Learning How to Drive with Vehicle Hand Controls

Once your hand controls are installed you’ll obviously need to learn how to actually drive the vehicle, and if its been a long term or you’re a first time driver it can be a tricky, and sometimes worrying process. // // The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you need professional help [...] Read more »

Differences Between Permanent and Portable Vehicle Hand Controls

When you’re picking hand controls for your vehicle you’re presented with two main choices to begin with; portable or permanent hand controls, and it’s important to find out the differences between them so you can make the right decision for your situation. // // Generally I would say that permanent devices are going to be [...] Read more »

Installation of Car Driving Equipment for the Disabled

It’s definitely worth finding about the installations which are required for car driving equipment to aid in disabled driving, the reasons for this as well as concise information are below. // // There are two important reasons why you need to know about installations, the first are the possible costs involved which can dramatically affect [...] Read more »

How Car Hand Controls Technology Types Affects the Cost

There are plenty of different things which can raise the cost of hand controls for your car, just as there things which can reduce them, as well as actions you can actively take in finding the cheapest possible price.  The technology type which is installed on the device affects the cost more than anything else, [...] Read more »

Different Types of Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

There are several variations upon the types of hand controls for motor vehicles and I’m going to be going over the different types so you can better understand the differences. // // There are three main categories, firstly there are the differences in the installation, second is what requirements the device caters for and finally [...] Read more »

Car Hand Controls for Sale

If you’re looking for hand controls to be used with your car which are for sale than this page will direct you to the best places to purchase portable devices. Popular Car Hand Controls which are For Sale Below   Freedom Staff Hand Controls – Our most popular and highly recommended product.  The Freedom Staff handicap driving kit combines [...] Read more »