GuidoSimplex Pedal Extensions and Pedal Guards

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex has a decent selection of different pedals on offer, these peripheral handicap driving equipment certainly are not the best – nor on par with their hand controls – but you certainly will find several pedals particularly interesting. GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2 GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Three Pedal Extension 999

This particular pedal extension is designed for every single pedal, and it includes a metal plate floor attachment with mechanical linkage leading up to the pedal extensions. // // The immediate downside to this particular model is that it requires for every single pedal to be extended.  This is a slight problem because most people [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3

This Gas, Brake and Clutch pedal guard is designed to be used in conjunction with hand controls, and is designed by GuidoSimplex to enable complete pedal coverage. // // Some pedal guards are designed for merely one or two pedals, in this instance it’s because the disabled driver can still use one leg but doesn’t [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Extensions 1192

The model 1192 aren’t your usual pedal extensions, this isn’t to say they’re mind blowing – there aren’t really many ways you can improve upon this type of device – but I certainly feel like it’s a step up for some people. // // The single one aspect which makes these useful re the circular [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2

The ‘Pedal Guard 2’ manufactured by GuidoSimplex is a pedal guard designed to cover two out of the three pedals, and to be used under certain circumstances. // // The main reason for having a pedal guard is to stop accidental engagement of the pedal by legs which the driver has no control over. In [...] Read more »

Menox Driving Devices

Menox has four different categories regarding their different driving devices, and I’ll briefly go into these, there are: The Menox Hand Control Pedals Steering Knobs The CANBox Menox Hand Control   The Carospeed hand control which is manufactured by Menox is their flagship product, but don’t be confused into thinking that it’s just ‘one hand [...] Read more »

Menox Hand Control Video

It’s very hard to understand how Menox hand controls actually operated, it’s one thing to read about what they’re like – but it’s quite another to see them in action.  As such I’ve provided two videos below which clearly and accurately demonstrated what they’re like in motion. // // The video below is a paraplegic [...] Read more »

Menox Hand Controls Price

The actual cost of Menox hand controls can vary, but if you’re just looking for a ballpark figure than 2,000 US dollars is a good place to start.  If you’re interested on how to find the cheapest place, or make cut backs without compromising quality you can find a few tips below. // // To [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedals

Below you’ll find two pages which are the two different models for left foot pedals which control the gas acceleration, and which are manufactured by GuidoSimplex.  You can find out more about the products directly below, or find out general information regarding this technology type below too. GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedal 908 GuidoSimplex Left [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Pedals

This page on the various pedals manufactured by GuidoSimplex for use by disabled drivers is split into two main categories as you can see below.  If you know what you’re looking for then go right ahead and find what you need, if not you can see our concise thoughts about them below. GuidoSimplex Left Foot [...] Read more »